Beautiful Punjabi Mehendi Designs

Punjabi mehndi designs are quite unique and that they glorify the culture and heritage of Punjab. These Indian designs are intricate and need much practice to get it right without any flaws. Unlike Arabic designs that are bold and big, Punjabi mehndi designs are all about intricate designs that tell a story.

simple mehendi design

Punjabi women love having mehendi applied on all possible occasions. From weddings to karva chaut to baisakhi, a Punjabi woman will have the hands and feet decorated with mehandi for any given chance. While the wedding and karva chaut mehendi is more delicate and elaborate, the ones done on other festivals like Basakhi, as a little less detailed.

Mehndi designs also called as mehandi designs, मेहंदी डिजाइन, मेहंदी डिजाइन फोटो, mehendi design.

There must be hardly any brides who would want to say no to the wedding mehandi designs for hands.

Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Nothing less than a picture perfect design is what this is all about. This minimalistic and elegant combination is a power packed combination.

Hand Mehndi Design

Gorgeous designs lead to equally delicate and gorgeous hands. This one is proof!

Punjabi Mehndi Designs

A contrasting nail shade with the fingers so beautifully donned in a circles and semicircles design is what keeps this look apart.

Mehndi Designs

Looking for some heavy designs? Here is one of our favourites which will soon be yours too.

Mehndi Designs for Hands

Mehendi designs on the feet come to life when they are spaced out so beautifully adorning every inch of the foot, like this one.

Beautiful Feet Mehndi Designs

Bring out your love for floral and mix it with a tinge of jungle vibes, you’re set for a great looking day.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs

Here Are Our Easy Mehndi Designs

Peacock Design

Perhaps the most popular of all mehendi designs is the peacock. Brides have opted for a beautiful peacock design time and again, thanks to its feminine and pretty look.

Peacock Mehandi Design

Paisley Design

This is another excellent option for an Indian henna mehndi art. When tiny paisleys are woven together to create a delicate design pattern, the result is a very alluring and looks amazing.

Paisley Mehndi Design

Circular Motif

Circular motifs make for great henna designs, as they are aesthetically very appealing. There is something about a neat circle that makes an impression, thus allowing the design to last in our minds even after the actual henna has faded away.

Many simple mehndi designs images download links are available or you could use the screen shots on your phone to capture these latest henna art ideas for weddings and other occasions for reference.

New Mehndi Designs to Select

Floral Design

Flowers are universally regarded as the epitome of femininity. So is it any wonder then that mehandi floral designs rank as one of the most popular in the Punjabi design list? When the mehndi stains the skin with its deep orange-red colour, the flower seems to almost come alive in all its glory.

Doesn’t the below design remind you of Pakistani henna designs.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Punjabi Women

Lines And Patterns

You don’t need birds and flowers to create alluring designs; you can do that with the help of lines and patterns as well. When combined, lines and patterns come together to form an interesting design. Although there is no story or one particular motif that acts as the central part of the design, it is even then a very impressive and sought after way of covering your hand and feet with mehendi.

The art is all lines, flowers, motifs, peacocks and so on. Putting them all together is what makes unique mehendi designs for girls.

Latest Mehndi Designs

Chequered Pattern

The chequered pattern is a great way to make your mehendi pop and is used vastly to give a break to intricate designs. The chequered pattern can also be cleverly used to fill up any gaps.

Latest Mehandi Designs Patterns

Creepers And Leaves

Creepers and leaves also make for great designs. They have a delicate flowing structure that is perfect for creating beautiful henna art. Here is one very alluring patterns made using creeper and leaves patterns.

Beautiful Punjabi Henna Art

Bride And Groom Design

This is a popular choice for Punjabi brides. The design tells a story depicting the bride and the groom. It symbolizes love and a forever-after joining of two souls in holy matrimony. This is an exceptional Indian art, that needs a very professional artist to make it perfect.

Mehndi Designs for Indian Brides

Coloured Mehendi Design

This relatively new pattern includes glitter and stones to create colourful henna art. The colours really stand out among the henna and make for an interesting look. While this is not a traditional design, more and more women are starting to experiment with this coloured design.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands

Border Design

The border design is perfect choice for the feet. The design forms an outline along the sides of your feet, making a border. Pick a delicate pattern for a simple yet captivating effect.

Mehndi Design for Legs

Colored Mehndi Design

The colored mehndi design concept is a comparatively new one that saw a sudden rise in the world of mehndi. Deviating from the routine black and red colours of mehendi, this one has shades of every colour woven into it with immense beauty. Looks like nothing can go wrong with this design.

Colored Mehndi Design

Heart Designs

The hearts design never seems to go out of fashion. The innovative ways in which hearts are being etched to the hand are fabulous. There’s so much love and blinded trust in a marriage especially, that the symbol of hearts is supposed to magnify it to innumerable amounts.

Heart Mehndi Designs

Dots And Chains

This design looks so intricately delicate that we can’t help but love! Perfect for every occasion, from a casual party to a lavish marriage, this design is always the go to one. One of the hardest designs to do, as, without the accuracy of the perfect lines, there’s no charm to this design. Definitely worth a try!

Dots and Chains Mehndi

Curved Lines

A simple, classy and underrated design is that of the curved lines. What’s there to not love about this subtle dash of classiness? Perfect for any occasion, except your own marriage, of course. Picture perfect designs like these make us love mehendi all the more.

Latest Mehndi

Loops And Spirals

Loops and Spirals have always been the favorites of many. The spiral pattern has a minimalistic touch to it but renders a beautiful final outlook. The sheer perfection of the loop and spiral, both being circular has the perfect festive look.

Spiral Mehndi

Shoulder Length Heavy Motif

The new trend in the fashion world is mehendi tattoos, most of all being shoulder length heavy motif tattoos. A mehendi tattoo never looked bad and is always a safe option for a temporary kickass tattoo. Be sure to take some inspiration from the Punjabi designs.

Motif Mehndi Design


Bling! Bling! Bling! One word that gets women on their feet excited for what’s in store in the bling corner. It stands out alone irrespective of the design; the colourful stones make it a true show stopper. Keep your hands and life colourful with this one!

Bling Mehndi

Here are some more Punjabi mehndi designs:

When brides wear red nail polish colors with henna on hands, it just enhances the henna color and the overall look. The mehndi on hands makes the bride complete.

Mehndi Designs on Back Hand

This is a simple design, a little on the olden days traditional style of mehendi, wherein all the tips of fingers are coated with henna.

Red Mehndi Designs for Wedding

This bracketed design has a look of delicacy due to the dots on the fingers. A perfect wrap to your mehendi diaries.

Simple Back Hand Mehandi Design

This Punjabi design is a different take on designs keeping it simple with the mehendi divided into two parts, both looking equally magical.

Festival Mehndi Design

Henna designs with full of style and passion are what come out best and this is one of those.

Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Don’t wait for the perfect mehndi design, take a pick of this design and make it your perfect moment.

Latest Mehndi Design for Girls

Punjabi henna patterns, especially for the bride means having images of the bride and groom, sometimes even a complete baarat and so on. Hindu weddings and the traditional wedding designs might just never go out of trend.

Mehndi Design for Wedding

Mehandi till your arms, if you’re fond of mehendi and the very thought of it excites you, only then go for excess mehndi till your arms when you’re the bride.

Hands to Elbow Mehndi Design

Either names of initials of the bride and groom are included in the mehendi, and if not, the bride and groom are drawn into the mehendi making themselves a part of the  mehendi design.

Raja Rani Mehndi Design

A french manicure and a simple design on your hands to look elegant.

Full Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mehendi patterns until the elbow is what is fancied by the brides. Sometimes, they even prefer going all the way up until it reaches the blouse sleeves.

Modern Full Hand Mehndi Design

The contrasting nail colour with the mehendi is one of our favorites. This versatile design can be recreated into many forms.

Celebrity Mehndi Design

Mehendi on hands and on feet, when made in a particular theme looks amazing.

Hands & Feet Wedding Mehndi Design

Absolute favourites of all the brides-to-be. This design takes a while to complete but as you can see, the end result is mind blowing. Save this design right away!

Elegant Mehndi Designs

A simple foot design to get into the festive celebratory mood.

Feet Mehndi Designs

Let your feet look equally gorgeous as your hands. After all, the toe ring needs to be put on, and everyone’s going to watch.

Bridal Toe Mehnadi Design

This wrap around mehndi on the feet is a sight to see, because when have your feet ever looked so pretty? Perfect for a marriage or sangeet event, giving a Diwali festive feel too.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

This concept of mehendi under the foot is new and is all the rage these days. There’s no need for an explanation when you can see for yourself why you would like to try it.

Punjabi Mehndi Design

This mehendi design stretching from the toes to above the ankle is perfect for a dhoti outfit that you have bought for your next occasion.

Henna Mehndi Designs on Feet

Another dulha dulhan mehndi design on the palms of a bride.

Raja Rani Henna Design

Even a basic with not much of detailing also looks beautiful. Don’t you agree?

Best Full Hand Punjabi Mehndi Ideas

For the floral babe in you, bring it out through mehandi exhibiting lovely designs making hands just as lovely.

Flower Mehendi Design

This traditional design has taken the form of a mango, which is mostly involved in all traditional activities. A must try to stick to the traditional ways of marriage.

Traditional Mehndi Designs

A contemporary design including all the trendy, funky strokes and shapes is your way out for your next occasion.

Traditional Mehndi Designs

This design is a mixture of Indian & Arabic keeping the hands looking elegant and beautiful.

Unique Mehandi Designs

This mehndi design pattern gives the distinctive yet bridal feel with leaves pattern making it classy.

Half Feet Mehndi Design

The floral patterns weaved on the brides hands makes you want to look just as happy and cheerful as her.

Punjabi Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Wedding

Designed with brackets and a spiral pattern, it gives the perfect beautiful foot to put forward and flourish.

Full Leg Mehndi Design

The mixture of Arabic with bracketed design, stands out with flowers and leaves keeping it simple as well as covering the hand with a design so appealing.

Easy To Do Mehndi Designs

With the simple one sided narrow pattern, keep it chic and just enough.

Mehndi Design Half Hand

Choorha is the essence of a Punjabi bride. This set of red, white, and gold beautifully covers her hands. So, the mehndi designs are carved beautifully going up till her elbow to complement her bridal getup.

Latest Mehndi Designs

This mehndi design is usually chosen for brides. It covers the arms and features intricate detailing and use of space. The shapes and loops offer a whole new dimension to the mehndi design.

Chooda Mehndi

This Punjabi Mehndi design can be easily used for creating curved lines in several shapes like squiggles and elaborate designs. The curved lines usually cover large areas of your hand.

Best Mehndi Designs

This is ideal for brides who do not like heavy mehndi design. The light floral and checkered patterns give a distinct touch while still being traditional. Add studded embellishments to give the design some variation.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

This is one of the most common mehndi designs used at Punjabi weddings. The designs beautifully embody the bride.

While Punjabi designs are unique, they are not exclusive to Punjab, at least not anymore. Regional mehndi designs for girls in India have all merged, evolved and have one become a fusion of different cultures and customs. So a Gujarati bride might sport a Rajasthani design and a South Indian bride might be seen having an Arabic mehndi design. This fusion of art has had an interesting effect on the designs and has helped them evolve into our present contemporary Indian designs.

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