11 Fascinating ways to delineate your eyes

A well-made eye make-up can work miracles. The eyeliner is a powerful beauty tool in the hands of a woman. If the technique is well chosen, the look becomes more expressive and attractive. shares some secrets with you so that you can highlight the beauty of your eyes.

Discontinue lines

To delineate your eyes in an orderly fashion, define it with a dashed line and then put the points together in a continuous line.

Classic outline

This type of delineation makes the eyes more expressive and visually increase the volume of the eyelashes. If you can not draw a smooth line, first draw small lines and then join them.


 a master of the delineated, you can complicate it a bit: make several lines of different colors.

Double delineation

Outline first the upper eyelid and then the lower one. At the same time, both lines should not join. Leave a small space between them. You can fill this space with a pearly shade.

Cross delineation

In this unusual makeup option, it is important that the dark line always look up.

 Delineated light tones to increase the size of the eyes

Girls with small eyes should avoid black delineation and opt for lighter shades. If you want to delineate the lower eyelid too, use a white or skin-colored pencil. In this way, your eyes will look wider.

Delineated from the middle of the eyelid to visually zoom out the eyes together

If you have your eyes together, you can draw lines as long as you want but starting from the middle of the eyelid. This trick allows you to visually move your eyes away from each other.

Line from the inner end of the eye to the separated eyes

The objective of the makeup with the separated eyes is to approach them visually. For that, the lines should start from the inner ends of the eyes, and better, closer to the nose.

Smoky eyes

It is an excellent option for an evening makeup.

Complicated outline

If you go to a party, you can think about making a makeup more colorful than normal.

Multicolored lines

Experiment: use different colors and different shapes of lines, try to create patterns or even drawings.


  • The delineation accentuates the eyes and the area around them, so the eyebrows should look impeccable.
  • The black outline is perfect for an evening make-up. During the day it is preferable to use the coffee, beige, blue or dark green outlined.
  • It is recommended that you paint the lines after applying the shadows. If you do not plan to use them, use a clear, compact powder. It will smooth the surface of the eyelids and the lines will look more marked.
  • Outline your eyes with the open eye. Look at the mirror directly in front of you without tilting your face.
  • You should support your elbow on something, because if you delineate with your elbow to the air, the most likely is that the lines are not as perfect as you would like.
  • Outline the eyes just by the contour of the eyelashes.
  • Do not use pencil alone, otherwise your lines will look “fuzzy”. It is better to secure the lines with a liner or shadows.
  • The ends of the lines should look up.

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